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Our Open Architecture approach to financial services provides our clients with access to an unparalleled range of products from the world’s leading industry providers which giving us the flexibility and independence to choose the right product with a sense of responsibility and a commitment to excellence for our clients.

Cash Deposits

MDM Private Wealth Management offers deposits at very competitive rates with different maturities and currencies such as Rubles, US Dollars and Euros.

Mutual Funds

MDM Private Wealth Management has access to world-class investment managers that in many cases are not available to individual clients or are only available directly to those with portfolios of institutional size. Our multi-manager approach gives our clients access to some of the best investment managers in the world and enables us to create a set of unique investment solutions for them. We have carefully selected investment strategies for our client's particular needs and circumstances. These investment strategies vary by asset class, geographical focus, and degree of concentration and investment style. MDM Private Wealth Management performs due diligence and continuous monitoring of these managers in a comprehensive and lucrative manner.

In addition to that, our in-house Asset Management offers a comprehensive range of mutual funds for clients interested in an exposure to the Russian equity market.

Structured Products

Structured products have become an important part of international financial markets in recent years. To respond to trends in investor demand, MDM Private Wealth Management together with the world’s leading financial institutions have developed a capacity to structure a range of products linked to a broad spectrum of different asset classes on global markets, e.g. linked to a basket of Russian stocks, commodities or a hedge fund index.

Our structured products are customized to our client’s objectives and can either be full or partial principal protection.

Alternative Investments

  • Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are alternative investment funds that are flexible and can employ various investment strategies. Fund managers are authorized to maintain both long and short exposures of their respective asset classes and to use derivative instruments, such as equity, index options and futures. MDM Private Wealth Management offers a wide range of hedge funds designed to enhance the risk/return ratio of your portfolio, using a diversified multi-manager approach.

  • Real Estate Investments

We offer the possibility to invest in a wide range of private real estate investments. Our philosophy is characterized by a flexible, creative approach tailored to the unique investment needs of each client. Our service offering consists of:

Private Property: Whatever kind of property you are looking for, globally or domestic, we can give you a hand in finding the right partner.

Real Estate Investment Funds: Our open architecture platform enables us to provide you with a customized investment solution.

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