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Education and Training

Supporting projects in higher education, including long-term partnerships with the leading Russian institutions of higher learning, is one of the main goals of the MDM Bank Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy. The Bank’s educational program is called the World of Young Businesspeople and envisages completing a number of joint projects with partner institutions, including: improving the qualifications of those teaching finance and banking, based on the leading international business schools; creating up-to-date training courses and materials; and financing and providing expert support for successful and diligent students.

In 2008, MDM Bank completed the process of signing agreements on collaboration with leading institutions from seven of Russia’s largest cities, including: St. Petersburg State University, Novosibirsk State University, Pacific State Economics University, Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law, Nizhny Novgorod State University (Lobachevsky), Rostov State Economics University (RSEU) as well as Urals State University (Gorky).

The Exchange of Experience and the Grant Program were agreed upon during the signing of the agreement between MDM Bank and the partner institutions.

The Exchange of Experience program was held from 22 May to 29 June 2008, at the School of Business, Stockholm University. There were 12 finance and banking teachers that participated, chosen from among the partner institutions following an open selection process conducted by the School of Business and MDM Bank.

The participants were able to exchange experience with the School’s leading professors on real financial and economic topics and to familiarize themselves with international training and methodological standards. They also had access to the latest course texts, including long-term use of the University’s library materials, and were presented with educationally valuable textbooks.

According to the questionnaire filled out following the completion of the exchange program, those that had participated noted that they took a large professional step in their teaching methodology and will apply what they have learned to their own courses.

Another positive aspect of the exchange program was that the participants could exchange experience with each other, becoming one team, thus laying the groundwork for closer ties between their respective institutions of higher learning. All of the teachers also participated in another current MDM Bank and partner institutions program for the creation of an up-to-date educational and methodological banking course. The project is the logical continuation of the Exchange of Experience program at the School of Business, Stockholm University, and is currently being implemented.

The Grant Program is available through institutions offering the MDM Bank grant and is open to students in regional educational institutions that are specializing in finance and banking. The goal of the program is to promote educational, research and practical activity among talented and prospective Russian students as well as provide advantageous conditions to produce highly qualified future professionals.

The first selection process for the MDM Bank grant took place in September 2008 at seven leading regional institutions of higher learning. Around 150 economics and finance upperclassmen and lowerclassmen alike competed for the grant. The deciding factor in the selection process is not so much good grades as practical research and experience in finance and banking.


Picture Recipients of the MDM Bank grant for 2008-2009
Participants in the Exchange of Experience program at the School of Business, Stockholm University Participants in the Exchange of Experience program at the School of Business, Stockholm University 'Recipients of the MDM Bank grant for 2008-2009'

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