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MDM Banks new brand

We are delighted to present to you our new corporate branding. Our new corporate style and logo represent the final stage of the merger between MDM Bank and URSA Bank, which has created a financial institution of federal significance with a clear strategy, a team of superior experience and professionalism, and now a unified brand.

MDM Bank’s new logo will feature an image of the sun reflecting the bank’s main values: reliability and stability, openness and partnership, a warm attitude to individual and corporate clients, and the accessibility and simplicity of the bank’s services. Since ancient times the sun has had strong associations with gold and gave round shape to coins. Moreover, sun is also a symbol of power, energy and success. It is an exceptionally friendly sign full of warmness, optimism and positive emotions.

Our emphasis is on the quality and mutual benefit of the banking services we provide and, more importantly, on an atmosphere of friendliness and understanding.

MDM Bank’s 350 offices service approximately 28,000 companies, over 37,000 organizations and individual entrepreneurs representing the small and medium enterprise segment, as well as three million retail clients. In today’s competitive environment, we strive to deliver an immaculate service while setting market-leading standards of operational efficiency. MDM Bank has become an integral part of Russian business life.

At this exciting time for the bank, please allow us to thank you for your cooperation and partnership. The sun is the symbol of kindness and warmness; the symbol of energy and happiness. It is the symbol of MDM Bank.

With gratitude for your loyalty,

Igor Kim


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