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MDM Bank joins the International Capital Market Association


MDM Bank has joined the International Capital Market Association (ICMA) as a new member. The respective resolution was adopted by the ICMA Membership Committee.

The ICMA is a self-regulatory organisation and trade association which represents constituents and practitioners in the international capital market worldwide. The ICMA’s members are located in more than 40 countries, including all of the world’s main financial centres. The ICMA performs a crucial central role in the market by providing and enforcing a self-regulatory code of industrydriven rules and recommendations which regulate issuance, trading and settlement in international fixed income and related instruments. The ICMA liaises closely with regulatory and governmental authorities, both at the national and supranational level, to ensure that financial regulation promotes efficiency and cost effectiveness in the capital markets.

Accession to the ICMA recognises MDM Bank’s position as an important international capital market participant.

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