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Active Advisory

If you are following stock markets and prefer to make your own investment decisions, gain direct access to the investment research, analysis and advice of MDM Bank with Active Advisory. Timely and efficient dealing together with skillful execution are all part of the service.

We will provide regular recommendations from our investment specialists - all designed to fit in with the strategic asset allocation plan developed for you. MDM Active Advisory means:

  • First-hand stock market information
  • Trading ideas from our investment consultants
  • Access to research
  • Access to stock exchange on client's computer monitor (Net Investor)
  • Asset lending at competitive rates (REPO, margin trading)

Discretionary Portfolio Management

Clients who prefer less direct involvement may find Discretionary Portfolio Management more suitable.

Managing investments effectively in today's fast-moving markets can be difficult and time consuming. MDM Bank's worldwide network of investment experts covers USA, Europe and all currently emerging markets. Discretionary Portfolio Management puts these resources to work for you through services of a portfolio manager who handles the day-to-day management of your account. We provide regular performance reporting, freeing you to concentrate on other matters.

Working on Investment Strategy

Our investment consultants will create your personal investment strategy devised for you, which takes into account your risk preferences and your overall goals. Together with our portfolio management team, the investment consultant will select the most suitable investments. Your financial objectives - such as aggressive growth of capital, receiving regular income or securing your wealth - will be reflected in the selection of asset classes such as bonds, equities or alternative investments - with each one given an appropriate weighting.

Financial Planning

As the size and diversity of your assets increase, so do the challenges involved in managing them. In our fast-changing world, asset management geared solely to generating maximum performance from your investments is insufficient, because it ignores issues that have a major impact on your future financial well-being. Optimal structure of your investments, perfectly timed exit from your investments and other constraints call for a dynamic and ongoing analysis that includes all these dimensions. This is where you need a true wealth management: a concept combining comprehensive counseling services with an open approach to your requirements, views and expectations. Draw on the best resources available, both from in-house experts and in the form of external specialists.

To meet those needs, we provide all-round Financial Planning services for high net worth individuals and their families, often extending well beyond purely financial matters.

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