The development of MDM Bank is implemented on the basis of a long-term strategy within the framework of a strategic plan for 2011-14, adopted by the Board of Directors on 14 October 2010.

The main thrust of MDM Bank’s strategy is to build a client-oriented business model based on a personalized approach to each client. Focusing on gaining a detailed understanding of clients and building long-term relations with them, concentration on quality, versus the quantity of originated loans, and reinforcement of the branch management role in taking financial decisions — all testify to MDM’s pursuit of minimizing credit risks and building a banking business resilient to economic volatility.

Another key strategy goal is the development of the bank’s personnel in terms of professional growth, motivation and teamwork.

The implementation of the strategy will allow MDM Bank to strengthen its leadership position in the market, in terms of the quality and the volume of its services, and to preserve and develop a team of bright banking professionals.

Key Principles of MDM Bank Strategy

1. Universal Bank:

Equal emphasis on corporate and retail businesses

2. Transfer to a client-oriented business model,

based on the principles of the bank’s long-term cooperation with partnering clients

3. Moderate risk appetite,

with the accent on long-term risk management stability and avoidance of all types of speculative risks

4. Corporate business focus on strategic industries
  • Modern food retail formats
  • Infrastructural construction
  • Production of bottled water
  • Healthcare (clinics and pharmacy chains) Retail car trade
5. Retail business focus on the home markets
  • Rostov Region
  • Krasnodar Area
  • Chelyabinsk Region
  • Perm Area
  • Sverdlovsk Region
  • Irkutsk Region
  • Tyumen Region
  • Tomsk Region
  • Novosibirsk Region
  • Kemerovo Region
  • Krasnoyarsk Area
6. Efficient communications

are built on the principles of information transparency and are achieved through a comprehensive approach and prompt provision of information to all interested audiences.

Key Strategic Initiatives

MDM Bank’s key strategic initiatives are the conceptual bases which will allow the Bank to achieve its strategic targets

1. Creation of a loyal and motivated team
  • Introduction of a long-term motivation system
  • Comprehensive training of personnel
  • Forming a target-oriented corporate culture
2. Introduction of a client-oriented model
  • Active attraction and development of long-term relations with clients
  • Developing the product line
  • System of individual goals and delegating powers
3. Raising the technological level of business
  • Developing a CRM system
  • Developing an online banking service system
  • Introduction of a unified IT platform for client services