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Corporate Social Responsibility

In July 2007, the MDM Bank board of directors approved the bank’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy, as well as policies for sponsorship and charity. The CSR strategy was developed as part of the bank’s business strategy through 2010, taking into account Russian and international best practices.

Implementation and adherence to the CSR principles is in line with the bank’s way of conducting business. MDM Bank is guided by the following principals in its interactions with counterparties: openness, dialogue, reliability, flexibility and a comprehensive approach. Ensuring transparency of information on the bank to all interested parties is one of the prime objectives in implementing the CSR Strategy. Openness (i.e., information transparency) is one of the major preconditions for building a civilized relationship with society and is the basis for establishing socially responsible business practices.

In 2008, MDM Bank celebrated its 15th anniversary. As one of Russia’s leading private financial institutions, the bank recognizes its responsibility to society and therefore strives to improve well-being and to contribute to the sustainable development of the regions where it does business. MDM is today implementing CSR programs in the fields of higher education, culture and general financial literacy.

PDF Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
Approved By the Board of Directors of MDM Bank, July 27, 2007
Adobe Acrobat document, 179 Kb
PDF Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2008
Adobe Acrobat document, 978 Kb
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